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Know Everything About Samsung Galaxy Note 7

There are a lot of flagship smartphones that are available in the market and a lot of smartphone killers as well, like OnePlus 3 or Mi 5 from Xiaomi. But there is a flagship device which still doesn’t have any competitor even after 5 years of its launch. Samsung stunned the world when it launched the first Note device back in 2011. It was a huge device in that time and had so many features than the normal smartphone. And now, Samsung is about to announce the Note 7 so it is the right time to have a look at what Samsung has to offer in the Galaxy Note 7.

Screen has always been the highlight of the Note series and this time it is no exception as Samsung is planning to fit in a Super AMOLED Display in the Note 7 with a 5.8 inch display. It is a huge screen and considering the fact that it will be an Ultra HD Display, it will be a joy to work with. The screen is also rumored to have the 3D touch technology that was introduced in the iPhone 6S.
The Note 7 will be launched with the next generation Snapdragon 823 processor which is even better than the Snapdragon 820 which was fitted in the Galaxy S7 and S7 EDGE. The Snapdragon 823 is also an octa core processor which will be clocked at 2 GHz. This not only ensures great speeds but also smooth multi tasking over application. This Snapdragon 823 processor will be coupled with a 6 GB RAM and Samsung claims that it can hold up to 20 applications in its memory, which is pretty amazing.
Cameras have always been the highlight of the Samsung smartphones and this time Samsung have decided to go small with its camera Resolution as they will be fitting a 12 MP camera which will be capable of recording 4K videos as well as it will also have OIS (optical image stabilization), a system which will let your video look a more polished one and it is very handy in case of shaky hands.
The battery of the Note 7 is also a big one as Samsung has decided to fit in a 4,000 Mah battery. This battery will be enough for your daily tasks and will easily get you through the day and if you run out of juice, then Samsung’s fast charge 3.0 will let you shoot your device from 0 to 60 percent in 30 minutes.

Samsung know that your privacy is important for you and that is why it is introducing two security modes, fingerprint scanner as well as the iRiS scanner which will let you unlock your device by scanning your retina.

SP Flash Tool Free Download Latest Version [Official] - {Windows/Linux}

SP Flash Tool Download: If you are a frequent user of Android and like to play around with Android Custom Roms and Love to root your Phone and extend the capabilities of your android, You must have surely Hard Bricked or soft Bricked your Phone. Now In these situations you are needed to Flash your stock rom to Fix Android Hard Brick and bring back your phone back alive. And Sp Flash Tool Is a Software that allows to Flash Stock Rom on MTK Android Phones. Through this software You can Fix Hard Brick Of any MTK Android Phone. But the Only Problem This device has is, Its Pretty hard to find the Original Latest Version of SP Flash tool, If Stock Rom Of android Is flashed through Wrong version of SP Flash Tool, You might face many other Problems. SO here we are providing The Official SP Flash Tool Download Links. Download it and Keep your MTK Android Safe.

sp flash tool download latest version

SP Flash Tool Free Download Links

Below are the Direct Download links For SP Flash Tools.

SP Flash Tool V5.1532.00 Direct Download Link (Windows) :  Download

SP Flash Tool V5.1532.00 Direct Download Link (Linux) :  Download

These are the Latest Version SP Flash tool. It will work for your device For sure, And you can Trust them. And If in Any Case you are Looking for SP Flash tools Older version, Then Don't worry we are also about to provide the Download Links for Older version of this awesome Life saving tool.

SP Flash Tool Older version Download links

Here are the Download links for all the Versions of SP Flash Tool. Download it and enjoy.

Version       Windows       Linux

Useful tutorial Links : 

So, We hope that this article about SP Flash tool Download was useful and Handy to you. If you have any Problem in using Sp flash Tool, you can comment your problems here. We will Try to solve your problem As soon as possible. And don't forget to Book Mark Androcustomroms and visit here whenever you face a problem In your Android Phone.

[100%] An error has occurred Download interrupted Chrome store FIX

An error has occurred Download interrupted Google Chrome Web store FIX in 2 Seconds : Hey friends, we are back with another useful Tutorial for everybody. If you are a frequent user of Google chrome, then you must be most probably using Google chrome for its simple and fast interface, And One of the most useful feature of Google chrome is the ability to Install Extensions to it to modify Browser and make it more convenient to you, And there are so many developers available to develop new and innovative extensions for the Google chrome.

And sometimes People have reported they are getting some errors while trying to download and install Extensions from Google chrome. the most Common error is "An error has occurred Download interrupted" error. Today we will here explain the Easiest and quickest way to solve this. This is the easiest method available in the internet to solve any problems Related to Extensions in Google Chrome browser.

fix An error has occurred Download interrupted Google Chrome web store error

Fix An Error Occurred Download interrupted Google Chrome Extension

TIP : Before trying this method, First Update your Google chrome to the latest version, Doing this itself solves 90% Problems with Extensions. And to update your chrome to latest version Click Here. And download the latest version of chrome and install it. And if your Problem is not solved even after Updating Chrome to latest version, then go on and read the Method to Solve any Google chrome Extension download Error.

This is Very very Easy to 4 step solution to An error has occurred Download interrupted chrome Web store error

Step 1 : Copy The name of Extension or app That you want to install to your browser and facing the problem. 

Step 2 : Paste the name of Extension in Google and add ".crx" to the end of name. ( See the example below if you are unable to understand.

Step 3: In Google results, you will see a website "" click on that result. And there you will find a download link to .crx file of the Chrome extension you wish to download. Download it from any source you want.

Step 4 : When .crx file of Your desired Extension is downloaded, Now to to Extensions page of Your Google chrome browser ( Settings > More Tools > Extension) . And now open the location where you had downloaded Your .crx file on pc. And Drag and drop the .crx Extension file on the Extensions window.

Thats It !! Now the extension will be installed on your browser. If you think Its complex to understand, then see the images below to understand it better.

Below is an Example of how I will download an extension "Sketchpad 3.5" to my Google chrome browser if  I am facing " An error has occurred Download interrupted" error.

An error has occurred Download interrupted Chrome store FIX

An error has occurred Download interrupted Chrome store FIX

An error has occurred Download interrupted Chrome store FIX

An error has occurred Download interrupted Chrome store FIX

An error has occurred Download interrupted Chrome store FIX

An error has occurred Download interrupted Chrome store FIX

An error has occurred Download interrupted Chrome store FIX

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Thats all friends, I hope that this solutions works for you and helps in fixing An Error has occurred Download interrupted error on your Google chrome webstore. If you are still getting any problem, then just comment it down below here, we will try to fix your problem. And Don;'t forget to share This link on your social media, And like our Facebook Page: Androcustomroms and keep visiting to get more awesome tips and Tricks.

Download xender for pc - Step by Step Guide

Download xender for pc

Hi friends today we are here to share a tutorial about How to download Xender of PC and run it smoothly on Windows 7/8/Xp.

So here what you are looking for its Xender Web come with feature which will supports and helps you to connect your iPhone or android with Personal computer without even downloading any software, all these devices are completely connected to online.

To make sure that your files are transferred at much higher data speed, you need to install a good working (Professional application) that can manage all your apps.
Now it’s time to show you that how to download Xender for PC. This application is everyone’s favourite.

Xender for PC Download Online Xender Web Online:

You can download Xender directly from your Google chrome instantly that means web xender Online app is available now on chrome which help you to transfer files from your PC to Android or Iphone.
Therefore now you please follow the given steps:

  1. First of all you visit the official website of Xender.
  2. Open the Xender app on your mobile phone.
  3. So now you need to connect PC page in this app
  4. Click on Scan Button and take your mobile’s camera to QR code.
  5. Xender web page will be loaded up which will include all your files Data like videos photos etc.
  6. Now you can transfer files from mobile to personal computer and also from Personal computer to mobiles.

We hope that you now may done with Xender Web, so now we have given Xender PC with Bluestacks method which we don’t recommend this method because it may slow down your system but we are proving this bulestacks method to just share the knowledge sake.

Method 2: Download Xender for PC with Bluestacks.

  1. You first download bluestacks app player software on your computer. You need to get it from web (Online)
  2. So if finished downloading the software then just double click on the same file, to run and then follow the steps from that point.
  3. Hence start the software, now go to search bar and search for Xender application. 
  4. By using Gmail account only you can Login.
  5. Features of Xender App for Computer.
  6. From some years, many applications came out covering this human need and interest. We can find them pretty awesome.
  7. In Xender app you can find connect friends button and pic

System Requirements to download Xender app

  1. 4GB RAM
  2. 5GB free space in C Drive
  3. Graphics Driver

We hope you liked your article and to know more information about anything you can hit a comment below. 

How to Download And Install KIK Messenger app on your Computer (PC) Easily

How To Download KIK For Laptop?

KIK is the leading messenger in the market. With awesome features, it has won the hearts of millions. Around 150 million users use this application every single day. No doubt, KIK is an extremely popular application.

Along with smart phone version, users always seek for a KIK version for PC. Unfortunately, we don’t have an official version for laptop or PC. So the question arises, how do we get KIK for Laptop?

Here in this post, I will show you two different methods for using KIK on Laptop.

Before we move to the main part, we should discuss why we need KIK on laptop. Admit it, you cannot always use your phone. May be you are at the workplace, where using the mobile is not allowed. Or you want to backup KIK data on laptop. Or simply, you want KIK experience on big screen. These are the most common reasosns for getting KIK on laptop.
Another amazing thing is that the methods below are compatible with Mac and Windows. So it does not matter you own MacBook or Windows laptop. At the end, you will able to use KIK on the laptop.

Things To Need:

First of all, simply a working laptop. The methods I am going to explain are compatible with both Mac and Windows laptop. So don’t worry about the platform!
Secondly, internet connection, of course.

The most important thing is a Google account. Because we need KIK .apk for both methods. We should always download .apk from trusted source. Nothing is better than Google Play Store. You cannot use Play Store until you have Google account credentials.

KIK On Laptopn Via Manymo:

The first method involves Manymo. What is Manymo? Manymo is an awesome online Android emulator. It generates mimics of Android devices. It offers multiple devices mimics for the convenience.
Also check blackmart alpha

Here are the steps to complete the procedure:

·         Download the KIK .apk from Google Play Store.
·         Go to the official website of Manymo.
·         Sign up for the Manymo using the email ID.
·         After validation, simply login Manymo.
·         On homepage, choose the mimic with “App”.
·         A prompt will appear asking for .apk file.
·         Direct it to the file location.
·         Let the upload complete.
·         Once uploaded, enjoy the KIK on laptop!

KIK For Laptop Via BlueStacks:

Second method involve BlueStacks, the Android emulator.

Here are the essential steps:
·         Download and install Bluestacks.
·         Once it is installed, launch the BlueStacks.
·         Enter your Google account credentials.
·         Open Play Store and search for “KIK”.
·         Install “KIK” and enjoy it on laptop!

How to Recover Deleted Emails From Gmail in 5 Minutes {STEP BY STEP}

Welcome to Androcustomroms, today Here you will learn The best techniques to Recover deleted emails from gmail quickly without wasting time. So if you have ever mistakenly deleted an important business or personal mail which you never wanted to delete then just don't worry and read this article till end and apply the method given here to recover that mail as it was before. And this method is to Recover those mails which are deleted from Trash.

how to recover deleted emails from gmail easily

Recover Deleted E-mails From Gmail

Mistakes are very common in a human life, And Some mistakes in your world can be reversible and Mistakenly deleting a Email from Gmail is one of the Reversible mistake. :P And To Use this method of recovering deleted Emails from Gmail you should remember the time precisely when you deleted the Email and From what device you deleted it , That is phone or Pc (Whether you were using Imap or POP to access your mail)


Generally if you loose your emails anyhow .Google offers an opportunity for registering problems or queries related to “Missing Emails” .To Recover Permanently Deleted Emails From Gmail the only work you need to do is fill out the form and provide them  the precise information as to how the messages were lost and from which directory (If known) and the details like 

  • What was so important about that Particular Email.
  • What was the number of attachments in that Mail.
  • Where you would like them to be recovered.
So To recover the Permanently deleted Emails from Gmail, Just follow the below steps, and get back you Email ;) .

Step 1: Login to your Gmail Account.

Step 3: Enter the date when your Mail was delete or went missing.

Step 4: Now Google gives you a 8000 Words to describe your problem. in this Explain why the Email you deleted is important And How it went missing and provide them As much information as possible About your mail.

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That is All, Now Wait for Reply from Google to your E-mail. And Hope that The process to recover deleted Emails from gmail was easy and quick. And if you like this method and want to help your friends know about this simple Life saviour Option of Google, then Just do a 2 seconds of work by sharing This Artcile URL on your facebook/ Google Plus page. And If you are facing any problem in following the steps given, then just comment it down here.

How To increase MTNL/BSNL Broadband Speed **MAGIC**

How to Increase MTNL broadband speed : Today we are here to help all those people suffering on Slow MTNL/BSNL internet network. we are here with a solution through which you can increase MTNL internet broadband speed Magically, And enjoy a great speed. So here we go for the trick. 

increase speed of mtnl broadband internet

Trick to Increase MTNL or BSNL Internet Speed

Internet is one of the Best creation of man. Internet has everything which is needed to keep you engaged without getting bored throughout the day. But having a Slow internet can be really heart paining If you are a good internet user. Waiting for So long to get a simple website opened is irritating and sometimes we feel like closing everything and better give up using the net for the day. And Moreover if you are using the Internet of Government companies of India , which is MTNL (Or BSNL in some regions) then You Have a bit more discomfort, as their connections are generally a bit slow. So now you are not needed to worry as Below we are going to state the Best 3 Methods to Increase BSNL Broadband internet speed. Try it out and experiment for yourself. 

NOTE: Always Remember that Its Impossible to Increase your Internet Speed more than the Broadband plan you have purchased from your Provider. And don't get scammed by the Software which claim to increase your Internet speed more than your plan. they are scams just to put you in trap and get malware installed on your PC. The methods given here are to get the maximum speed your internet plan can provide you. So don't believe other methods to Increase BSNL Broadband speed which recommend to install software.

Method 1 : By Allocating reserved Bandwidth 

If you’re using Microsoft Windows, then you can get the 20% of the bandwidth. Because, usually Microsoft Windows will reserve 20% of the bandwidth for itself for the purpose of the future needs. So, if we can deallocate this bandwidth to 0%, then it can be helpful in improvising the current internet browsing and downloading speed.Here is what you have to do to deallocate:

  • Open Run (Press windows + R) And Type "gpedit.msc" and Press enter.
If you get an error saying "windows can not find gpedit.msc", then you don’t need to worry, It means you’re using the basic Windows 7 or Windows 8, Windows 8.1 versions. To solve this, follow the below path:

  • Go to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Network > Network  > QOS Packet as shown in the below image.
  • Under the QOS Packet Scheduler, you will see an option with the name Limit Reservable Bandwidth. Then right click on it and select properties, else double click on that.
  • Then you will see a setting as not configured which seems something’s wrong, but by default, windows reserves that 20% bandwidth. Then click on the box that is enabled and then set the bandwidth limit upto 0% as shown in the image.

Method 2 : By Changing DNS Address

Most of the time This method of increasing Internet speed works best, And Most probably it will work for you too.

Go to your network adapter settings, then select TCP/IP where you can see the DNS speed. Now enter any of the DNS addresses given below.

Recommended DNS
  • Preferred DNS –
  • Alternate DNS –

Method 3 : Using TCP/IP Optimizer 

You can make the user of a third party software like TCP/IP optimizer to increase your internet speed. 
  • Start the TDP Optimizer and then go to general settings. Move the internet speed slider to 1 MB or to the limit provided by the Internet Service Provider.
  • After fixing the slider position to the speed you want, check the mark in the optimal box as shown below.

So friends, There are the best method to Increase BSNL Broadband speed easily, And Hope that this Tutorial of How to Increase MTNL Broadband speed satisfied your requirements, And made you happy. If you Like this article then just share it with your friends through Social media, so that they can enjoy a good Internet speed too. And If you have any doubt in this, then just comment it down here.

[Tutorial] How to root Lenovo P70 and install TWRP custom recovery [NooB-Friendly]

Hello everybody, welcome to Androcustomroms , And today we are here with another awesome tutorial, And that is How to root Lenovo P70 and how to install Custom recovery in Lenovo P70. Lenovo P70 is a recently launched 5.0 inch android kitkat phone ( also upgradable to android lollipop ), which has so many good features like the ram of lenovo p70 is of 2GB which we feel is really good , ok now coming to our topic of today rooting the latest android kitkat phones have not been so easy nowadays, so that is why we decided to write a tutorial on rooting lenovo P70

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How to root Lenovo P70

So now, lets get into the main topic of how to root Lenovo P70. Just follow the below steps properly as stated, and you won't feel any difficulty in rooting your phone if you follow it properly. And in case you are facing some problem in between on rooting, then you can just comment down the problem you are facing. we will reply you as soon as possible.

Files to be downloaded

Lenovo SP Drivers

Lenovo P70 Scatter file

SP Flash tool

Lenovo P70 Twrp Recovery

Super SU v2.49

Tutorial To root lenovo P70

STEP 1 : Switch off your phone.

STEP 2 : Now connect the phone to a PC with Data Cable and Install the "Lenovo SP Drivers" in your PC.

STEP 3 : Now extract the "TWRP recovery for Lenovo P70" and "Lenovo P70 Scatter file" and put both scatter  file and recovery in same folder.

STEP 4: Then open the SP Flash tool and click on "scatter loader" and select the Scatter file you extracted.

STEP 5: Now unplug your phone from PC, and click on "Download" button on SP Flash tool and Re-plug Your Phone to PC.

STEP 6: Wait till the recovery is installed in your phone, And when the process is finished a green Circle will appear on your screen. 

STEP 7 : When the Green circle appears, unplug your phone from PC, and test if the phone is Switching on ( Normally the first boot after installing recovery takes some time, like even 10 minutes sometimes, so just don't panic.

STEP 8 : After the phone is switched on and everything is normal, put the "Super" in your internal memory and switch off your phone.

STEP 9 : Now to get into the TWRP recovery mode, you need to press "Volume up" + "Power" button simultaneously till a Screen with three options appear.

STEP 10 : Choose the recovery option With "volume up" key and to select a option press "volume down" key,

STEP 11: Inside recovery, Select "Install in recovery" and there choose the "Super" which you had put on the internal memory And install it.

STEP 12: That is all, now your Lenovo P70 is rooted successfully.

So, friends this was all about how to Root Lenovo P70. we, know that it was pretty easy to do, and when you root Lenovo P70 successfully leave a comment here saying its working, and if you get any problem then too just comment your problems in the comments section. And Keep visiting our blog to get more awesome stuff about Android.

[Tutorial] How to root Lenovo K3 Note MediaTek MT6752 vs 5.0 (Lollipop)

Hello friends welcome to Androcustomroms worlds leading custom rom developers, we are here again with Lenovo K3 Note. Its is one of the newest Lenovo's smartphones. This budget 4G Android Lollipop device has 5.5-inch Full HD screen and octa-core processor. Lenovo K3 Note has simple but elegant design. The phone is available with white and yellow back cover, I have white one. The rest of the phone is shiny black. Silver colored power button and volume buttons are on the right side of the phone. Unlike the most of the phones, K3 Note has its micro USB port on top next to the 3.5mm earphone port. Phone's large 5.5-inch IPS screen is clear and you can watch videos and pictures with good quality because of the 1920x1080 resolution. Now we come to our topic how to root Lenovo K3 Note. Check out the steps ! 

Follow these steps to root Lenovo K3 Note in a Secure way !

Step 1 Go here and download the CWM recovery v6.0.5.1 

Step 2 Flash it with SPFlashTool. Important : you must to check the option "DA DL All with               Checksum" otherwise it will not boot!****[Resolved] Check Below ! 

Step 3
root : reboot to CWM recovery and install the supersu update zip 

Step 4 Gapps: reboot to CWM recovery and install google gapps 5.0 minimal 

After flashing an official rom, you have to redo all those steps.

****[Resolved]Follow the below mentioned flashing procedure !
If you root Lenovo K3 Note with normal method or other methods it might show problems (Twitter + User Experience with viruses [checked with ESET] ).
To resolve that follow the below mentioned steps :
  1. Download MT6752 Flash Tool and MT6752 USB Driver (see link above)
  2. Install USB Driver and reboot PC (just to be sure)
  3. Unzip Flash tool and choose flash_tool.exe
  4. Run Flash Tool, Option – Download – “DA DL All with Checksum” must be ticked on
  5. Click Scatter-loading-Choose MT6752_Scatter (CWM recovery folder)
  6. Tick the Recovery (if it's not already ticked)
  7. Turn off Phone and Remove Battery, Remove SD-Card, SIM Card
  8. Plug-in USB Cable to PC (USB Port) – Phone to PC
  9. Press POWER for a couple of seconds
  10. Choose Download and Click Download (Flash tool)
  11. Reinsert Battery
If Unsuccessful (Red Bar) – repeat from step Turn off Phone and Remove Battery, Remove SD-Card, SIM Card

Once it was done, Install SuperSU and an app to remove those troublesome viruses (for example : "Easy Uninstaller" on the play store).

So, Friends this was all about root lenovo k3 note and keep visiting out website to get more updates on this phone, And tricks and tip about android phones. And also in future we will try to develop Custom roms for lenovo k3 note  so book mark our blog and keep visiting. And if you have any doubt or got any problem while rooting lenovo k3 note just comment it below, We will try to solve it as soon as possible.